The EFT continues to support the New Moves series at LSO St. Lukes. This will be our third year supporting this innovative series which forms part of the repertoire of the Aurora. The orchestra which goes from strength to strength and has made a clear mark on the music scene in the UK and increasingly internationally. New Moves concerts this year are on May 1st (How Pure The Sky), July 20th (Jitterbug) and November 15th (House) all at LSO st. Luke’s.For more information on their entire concert series go to

The Trust gives an annual award at the Royal Over-Seas League Arts Competition to a promising musician or ensemble. Following is the complete list of recipients since we gave our first award in 2001:

2001 / Helena Woods – Violin

2002 / Inon Barnatan – Piano

2003 / The Tempest Saxophone  – Quartet

2004 / Jane Gordon – Violin

2005 / O’Duo – Percussion Duo

2006 / James Baillieu – Piano

2007 / Catherine Hopper – Voice (Mezzo Soprano)

2008 / Rhodes String Trio

2009 / Brooks String Quartet & accordionist Ksenija Sodorowa

2011/ The Fields String Quartet

2012/ Trio Anima

2013/ Notus Winds

2014/ Zelkova Quartet