The 2019 ROSL music competition is taking place at the moment and the section finals, every Tuesday at 7pm between February 12 and March 19 are open to the public. Come and hear the next generation of young musicians. And find out who the EFT will give their prize to this year!

Susana Gomez Váquez (piano), Cristian Grajner De Sa (violin) and Tomas Isaac (cello) were the EFT prizewinners at the CAVATINA Intercollegiate Chamber Music Competition held at RAM on May 15th. It was a tightly fought contest in which each Trio played the set piece – Beethoven’s Piano Trio in C minor, op.1 no.3. We’re delighted to have awarded our prize to the Grajner De Sa Trio and look forward to hearing them in a recital for us in the winter.

The Zelkova Quartet will be playing at Burgh House, in Hampstead, at 7pm on Sunday September 11th. In 2014 the quartet received the Elias Fawcett Trust award at the ROSL music competition. At Burgh House they’ll be playing Debussy, Beethoven, and a piece by Ryan Latimer especially commissioned for them . Tickets at the door.